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Vermont Libertarian Platform for 2020

Vermont Libertarians believe in the equal and inalienable rights of all people. We deeply care about the well being of our neighbors and communities, and we see so many ways in which empowered individuals and local or community based groups form superior solutions instead of relying on centralization and brute government force.

Voluntary and consensual relationships in all areas of life are important to us because we know these maximize freedom for all, while also allowing for the protection of equal rights and meeting of the practical needs of all individuals.

We take our stand upon the following platform, to which we appeal for the support of the free men and women of the state in the coming legislative and gubernatorial election:

Restore Article 6.

The size of government is not only measured in the resources it has at its disposal, but much more vitally in the powers it assumes or exercises. Montpelier has totally forgotten the proper relationship between government and the people; it acts as though it has innate powers, like the monarchs of old. The Vermont Libertarian party is dedicated to restoring the correct relationship between the people and our government, which is outlined in Article 6 of the Vermont Constitution:

“Article 6. [Officers servants of the people]

That all power being originally inherent in and consequently derived from the people, therefore, all officers of government, whether legislative or executive, are their trustees and servants; and at all times, in a legal way, accountable to them.”

We thus advocate laws which allow the people to keep government transparent and accountable, both institutionally and in particular with regard to holding government officials accountable to their oaths of office and all actions in their representation of the people.


Government at all levels exemplifies unmitigated greed. Montpelier’s constant interference into the free market has made our state one of the poorest, even despite the rich natural beauty we see all across our state. Vermonters have always shown ingenuity in the face of adversity, but our government acts more like an occupational force, than one which is designed to rightly steward and protect the rights of the people.

The Vermont Libertarian party firmly believes tax relief must become real policy, and the watchwords of every official in our government. It is not sustainable to continue to spend the futures of our children and condemn them to debt slavery. We oppose all new taxes, levies, revenue schemes and any other name by which they seek to hide the truth of their robbery. We support budgetary cuts in spending, tax cuts by eliminating categories and types of taxation, true fiscal transparency and accountability, and a genuine adherence to and application of free market principles.

Human rights for all.

Both our nation and our state were founded upon the premise of the equality of inalienable rights of all people. The eviction of monarchs and the noble class and the rejection of the premise of their rule, and the embracing of equal and inalienable rights, is to this day among the very finest of political aspirations ever dreamed by humankind.

Montpelier exists only for the purpose of securing these rights. To go further than this mandate is in fact historically proven to be the greatest threat to our rights. Every single person within the state deserves the full and equal and right protection of our laws. Yet today we can see that our laws are not crafted with this vision in mind. Instead they are molded in back rooms and with obscured faction based motives.

The Vermont Libertarian party stands for the equal and inalienable rights of all peoples. It is long past due to “cash the check” as Martin Luther King so once eloquently pleaded. Laws which stand in violation of our rights ought to be immediately repealed, and those officials who created such laws ought to be held accountable for their error.

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