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  1. Chris Coolidge
    May 19, 2013 @ 9:28 pm

    I was active in the VTLP in the 90’s and early ’00’s, I still consider myself a libertarian but choose not to be polltical right now. I knew Hardy somewhat from back then and he was one of the strongest supporters of personal freedom I knew and a really decent and straightforward kind of person, he walked what he talked. I was active at the time the LP endorsed Vermont’s civil union law, Hardy wisely took a middle ground on the subject, I remember him making the point that if the state misguidedly grants state supported marriage to one group of individuals(heterosexuals) and another group wants the state to grant them the same right to marry whomever they choose(homosexuals) the only libertarian recourse is to either repeal state marriage entirely(which some of us had no problem with) or failing that to grant state marriage to everybody who wishes to consider themselves married to somebody. Civil union appeared to be a step in the right direction. Hardy as secretary of the VT LP endorsed civil unions for that reason, a wise move in that it eventually led to allowing state marriage for same sex couples. Hardy’s wise middle ground approach to libertarian politics will be missed.

  2. Doug Richmond
    May 20, 2013 @ 8:59 am

    Hardy blessed us all with his presence, leadership and support. Two of Vermonts best pass within weeks of each other, referring to Jim Hedbor.

    The video of his whisper calling for better treatment ot MJ in NH was heartbreaking, and effective.

    Decrim of MJ here in Vermont happenned within hours +or- of his passing. We can hope this was to his credit, and that he got to know it.

    His life was an inspiration and blessing for us all, We must remember his life, his Wife, his many close friends, and his large contributions to the computerized cellular world thru Catamount.

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