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  1. Don O'Donnell
    May 3, 2018 @ 10:07 pm

    Governor Phil Scott has been charged with the confidence of the people, He won an election based on telling us he was honest.
    during his campaign he was using language that seemed to speak of a structured strong truthful personality truly a person we can trust, but alas he is nothing more then a liar,
    he will not defend our freedom but will wholesale it to the nearest buyer.
    he traded our freedoms for political favors and it is evident he hasn’t a conscience.
    We need a younger fresh person in Governors office. one that can’t be bought through a wink and a nod or a trade for political favor. a younger person would have to live with their bad decisions for a long time.
    Vermont Libertarian Party grab the brass ring! Win the next election on this one subject win with honesty and truth.

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